Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sorting Things Out

Above: Long beach pier data 3/30/08
Below: Seal Beach wind sensor (other end of the sailing area - a bit more sheltered)

Pulled the blue pajamas out for one final fling today as the forecast said breeze and the air and water temps are both about 50. Borrowed a page from Bora's book and spent the afternoon in one big "Don't take no for an answer" gybing session of figure 8s. Too much rudder lift at first had me wonder what was going on but turned out my little hinge covers were actually doing something. Wand is too darned stiff so downsizing the fishing pole. Making some progress with the gybes but truth be told probably not the best conditions to be trying them in as it was sort of game on. A bit more sorting out to do with switching hands but overall reasonably happy with my progress. Sailed quite late and was the last one off the water after all 30 or 40 kiteboarders packed it in. Should have quit sooner as was definitely slipping backward by the end. All in all a lovely day, though I did see one dead seal which was sort of depressing. I guess they have to die sometime. Not many sailboats out today - thought I saw some A-cats in the distance when I was rigging but it seemed pretty gnarly for a mast that tall today and they all zipped in before I got out.

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