Friday, March 21, 2008

Off to see the Wizard

Ah, Spring! Season of slightly more reliable winds, fair temperatures, no heating bills, and cautious optimism.

Big weekend for mothing both here in the US and in Australia, where the NSW titles are underway. For us it's the first ever (as far as any of us know) Moth Pacific Coast Championships, at Coronado Yacht Club in San Diego, CA. Over ten boats are expected, with four journeying down the coast from as far as Seattle, one from San Francisco, one from Detroit and around six locally - possibly more. Woo Hoo.

The fleet is out today tuning up without me, as I had other obligations. Occasionally I question whether I have my priorities straight, but it was very difficult to arrange coverage for Easter weekend at all, let alone the Friday preceding, especially given that I called in a favor to get LAST Friday covered. I have one of "those" kinds of jobs I guess you might say - no rock stars here - unless they're sick anyway.

Foils are coming along nicely, but it's time to go sailing for a change. New proto sail for the boat so will be interesting to see how that goes. Apart from that it's all in the corners and whether you can put them when and where you want them without cashing it all in.

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