Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Moving On

Blog has taken a back seat to much of everything else lately. As the old canard goes: Those who can, do. Those who can't, write. Not sure where that leaves me in the scheme of things tonight, but I have a good idea...

Drinking Maudite listening for sounds of carnage from the bad bearing on my vacuum pump motor, or so it seems. The little ceramic heater is cranking away in a race to get the epoxy to kick before the motor dies permanently. Fortunately for me the death seems to be lingering on a bit.

Not much available time before PCCs in Coronado in 1.5 wks. OOT this coming weekend so it will all go flashing by and I'll be gasping for air on the upwind legs in no time. Certainly need to amp up the fitness regimen and tighten the hiking straps.

Alex finally made it out of LAX back to his home galaxy last week, but not before a glorious Sunday of ripping around Long Beach harbor on the Moth. Sorry to see him go as he was actually a lot of help laying up the first set of foils, and won't get to see the finished product - at least for a while.

Anders stopped down and got foiling just long enough to get half a mile offshore before he tried to tack. I had launched him on a water start, but out there the wind had dropped and he had no idea how to get into the boat. So he drifted slowly back to shore, getting progressively more hypothermic all the while. Good sport about it though. He was fine once the boat was up, but righting a Moth in light air has no equivalent in the dinghy world - or anywhere else outside the circus.

Off East for the coming weekend to see the boys and get in on a little baptism, Russian Orthodox style.

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