Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Monstersphere

When it's a slow news day and the anchors have to talk about inane freeway chases and make them sound interesting I always joke that the 24 hour news channels are a monster that needs to be fed, whether there is any news or not. I am beginning to think the same thing about the Mothosphere. I have nothing to report. Really. Stop reading now.

Movies are apparently fair game for filler; saw District 9 tonight and enjoyed it though the s/o said it was too much like work! I guess babies are sort of like little aliens, now that you mention it...but it wasn't that only the general adrenalin level. When you give at the office you want something more sedate at the theater.

I have been planning a new rudder for so long I am sick of talking about it. Shut up and stick the thing together already, chump! I pity the fool! Nat even has a tiller for me. All I need is an angel of attack [sic].

No sailing to report as I am working all weekend. Holiday Monday to boot.

Watched a vid tonight about aeronautical oddities. I always wonder when I see these things what happened to the planes. Are they in museums somewhere? Some truly original thinkers, those early aviators, with the courage of their convictions. Anyone can fly they say but it takes a pilot to get back down! At some point there will be a museum with early hydrofoil Moths in it and we will look as antiquated as those old planes. No, son, I was cool. This stuff was all the rage. Really. I have vids on YouTube. What? You mean they shut YouTube down? Always thought we should archive that stuff somewhere on a class website...

None of this makes me go any faster but there is something about Mothies that makes them want to write about sailing when they are not able to do it. Since most people find themselves unable to sail the majority of the time, the Mothosphere makes Mothing tons more interesting between regattas than sailing other boats, and foils make it more interesting the rest of the time. Like Mr. Buchan said in that interview from Worlds: there is something about sailing a boat you can build and redesign that keeps a class healthy and draws interesting people into it. Old School, man. What goes around comes around.

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