Sunday, April 19, 2009

4.75, Baby

Despite having somehow procured the lowest interest rate on a home loan I have ever encountered, GUI is too lazy to get his own bloog, which is fine as it is far easier for me to bloog vicariously about his boat than make any real progress on my own. Somehow he has managed to finish a PhD, switch jobs twice, move three times, buy a house and have a baby during the past two years, during which time he has designed and built two foilers from scratch (though the Guitine has yet to fly) - not including the converted lowrider Skippy2. As nearly as I can tell, he is able to accomplish this because while most builders ponder how many layers of uni to put in their foils, Gui has assembled various components from Home Depot and NAPA auto parts and is already at the lake learning how to gybe! "Flap? I need a flap? What for - the wind is blowing - let's go sailing!" And yes his wife is a saint, or in the run-offs at any rate.

The new Guitine is clearly a step up in terms of cosmesis as there is no irrigation pipe or mild steel throttle cable in evidence and no carbon death needles as suggested by the baby on board. In any event it looks good on screen and the foils should be nice also which in G's hands could be a formidable combo... Secondary bonds on the strut attachments GUI? What were you thinking! Who are you trying to impress anyway?


G said...

4.25 ... Sorry, I do want to brag about that.
Thanks for the praise. Did you notice that, like God, I have a 3 letter name that starts with "G"!
Reiko IS a saint.

Kirk said...

The wand cable disappears into a mystery box....does it have a secret multi-state controller inside?


Kirk said...

The wand cable disappears in to a mystery there a multi-state controller inside?

MARKLA said...

superclamps on wings-to-hull is gold. But did you find 316 ones? My 304 have started to rust.

Karl said...

Rust is fast

G said...

Well, I was trying to impress Bill. Hard to do. He probably got a kick out the the bleeder core and mattress core experiments though.
It's just a facking box Kirk ... move along, nothing to see. ;p