Saturday, March 29, 2008


Well the first of what may be annual whupass sessions in Coronado is a week gone. All I can say is that the level of this fleet is pretty darned high for a bunch of guys who just started sailing the boats a few months ago; top four boats were consistently on foils during gybes, and the rest foiled through nearly all gybes only to fall off and get going again quickly. Then there are people like me who have cool looking newly-built hydrofoils in the garage, but less gybing prowess. My ego is slightly less bruised by the fact that some of these guys have won Olympic medals and such, and by the fact that they are fun to hang out with. We have a good bunch of folks here.

It would be nice to think that prowess in one area, like designing something new, can somehow compensate for lack of prowess in boathandling, but this is an exceptionally long-range view. Racing is not much fun if one is in a different zip code from the top of the fleet. So I will be focused primarily upon gybes for the foreseeable future, as everything else seems to be going pretty well.

The LA times started showing up again on Thursday, without apparent correlation to any known determinant of newspaper delivery, e.g. paying the bill, subscribing, failing to pay the bill because I haven't received the paper in four months, etc. Good thing as I was running out of drip papers for the floor of the garage...

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