Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Nothing Like a Little Competition

Well, it was only a matter of time.

Si Payne finally decided to show the world he's more than a string of excellent regatta results with a very well written blog from Perth, Australia. He's been tuning his new Fastacraft F Zero down there, giving the term "taking delivery" an entirely new and more literal meaning in the process. I will clearly have to be more efficient and pithy in my posts to weather the onslaught of his terse, finely crafted prose, though Si seems to think rebuilding his rudder mechanism is grounds for pity, which strikes me as rather Sheila-ish.

The past three weeks have seen a fair amount of progress in the garage, but not much on the water where the LA Moth Fleet Majority of One is concerned. Between monsoons, garage roof water leaks, dodgy 220V magnetic motor starters, and rebuilding my trusty Welch Duo Seal, I've been a busybody out there. The good news is, I'm only a rebuild kit and one bottle of PVA away from being able to get this party started. The molds are pretty much ready to go, barring any more unforeseen rain inside the shop. I still need to purchase a router and work out a method of convincing it to obliterate G10, but these are mere technicalities. Moving across the country and setting up a new shop is certainly taking its toll on my rate of progress, but it is all coming together nicely.

The South Coast midwinters are nigh, scheduled for Feb 15-16. I have only one free weekend between now and then, so at least one day this coming weekend will be devoted to wand adjustments and bellcrank shaving.

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