Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Blogito Ergo Sum

It's official: we exist.

Without a presence in cyberspace a fleet just isn't a fleet anymore. No place to hang your cyber-wetsuit, dry your cyber sailing shoes, fix your cyber-yacht, or compare cyber notes. No place to exchange cyberpleasantries, or take a cybernap.

With all due deference to our video gaming programmer brethren at Sim City, we now offer a web portal to the ultimate in online entertainment: reality. Now you can visit our website at www.int-moth.us, get all hot and bothered, and actually contact someone RIGHT NOW who will take all that pent-up anxiety and direct it somewhere more productive than Sailing Anarchy forums. That's right - if you play your cards right, you can actually go sailing on a Moth. We give you gps coordinates and a time, and you give us, well, nothing. Unless you're unbearably attractive and female, in which case some of us may accept payment in smiles.

So forget Will Wright and the upcoming release of Spore. You've been there, and you have the myopia, bad posture and carpal tunnel syndrome to show for it. Take the blue pill, drop through the wormhole over at our website, and don't ever look back. When it comes to Mothing, the truth is so much stranger and more wonderful than fiction that software engineers will need decades to catch up. And when they do, we'll have moved on yet again.

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